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Mallorca Hot Property has a large number of apartments for sale in Mallorca (Majorca) listed. From simple Studio flats to large executive penthouses , both new build and resale. Apartments in Mallorca (Majorca) tend to be the entry point for most non-residents looking to buy property in Mallorca (Majorca) as they offer many advantages especially as a holiday home or for their rental potential.

Townhouses in Mallorca (Majorca)

Some of our new developments include what we would call 'terraced houses' within the apartment floors. These are often on 2 floors rather than one, and give you the feeling of living in a small villa rather than an apartment. Sometimes you will see these featured as 'Duplex' apartments. They also have use of all the community facilities such as pools and recreational areas.

Garden Apartments in Mallorca (Majorca)

Garden Apartments , sometimes referred to as a 'planta baja', or ground floor apartment, can offer some unique advantages as they give you all the benefits of having some private garden but without the higher maintenance costs of owning your own villa. In some cases , the garden apartment even allows you the possibility of having your own private pool , assuming that all the relevant building and community permissions have been obtained. Also, with modern building standards and materials, it is often the case that you CANNOT hear the upstairs neighbors (trust us, we've tested it in some of our new developments!) It may even be the case that your private garden is maintained by the community gardeners , ensuring that your apartment is always well kept. Where maintenance of your garden is not included in the community charge, our experience is that the community gardener will be more than willing to look after your bit of Mediterranean garden in his spare time if you sweeten his weekend spending money with a 'propina' - a small tip. Or a big one if you have a big garden.....

Penthouse Apartments in Mallorca (Majorca)

Executive penthouse apartments can be truly spectacular. Imagine sipping champagne in your Jacuzzi watching the sun set over the Mediterranean ! This does not have to be just a fantasy - Mallorca Hot Property has a number of penthouses on offer where there this is a reality. Naturally, due to their location, location and location, penthouses tend to demand a higher capital investment, but on the other hand, they usually have better views, more terraces and the added kudos of being able to use the word 'penthouse' when you're bragging to your friends about your new acquisition in the Med! A penthouse apartment, (curiously called an 'atico' in Spanish,) is always in higher demand on the resale market too.

Apartments in Mallorca (Majorca) General Information

General things to note about apartments in Mallorca. In most cases , as well as ownership of the apartment itself , make sure that the ownership of any parking spaces or storage spaces have been included in the sale ; your lawyer should advise you on this, and , in most cases , they will appear on the title deed. Furthermore, an apartment building usually has a "Comunidad de Propietarios" which manages all the community fees. Community fees go towards general upkeep and maintenance of all the communal areas such as entry systems, gardens, lifts, swimming pools and fencing. Further down the line , if any structural repair is needed then this may have to be paid in addition to the standard community fee ; however , this would always be agreed at the AGM so make sure you are present and that you register your vote! You can appoint someone to vote in your absence - a 'proxy' vote, in other words.